Bern Rollins Ski Helmet

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Bern Rollins Ski Helmet


Adjustable Vents // No MIPS // Adjustable BOA Fit

The Bern Rollins is brand new to their lineup this year. Featuring Bern's proven Zipmold technology. Zipmold is a process of liquid foam injection where you can pack a lot of protection in a small space. This makes the helmet more low profile and thinner without sacrificing any safety. The Rollins also has a Stealth Vent Slider so you no longer need that big slider on the top of your helmet anymore. Now you can adjust the vents from inside the helmet depending on the conditions and weather that day. Pretty cool right? If your old helmet is looking like it's on its last leg, the Bern Rollins is a perfect replacement with the style and protection everyone needs.

ZipMold Foam Fit

Weight: 480 grams

Audio Compatible

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