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Bern Rollins Ski Helmet



The Bern Rollins is brand new to their lineup this year. Featuring Berns proven Zipmold technology. Zipmold is a process of liquid foam injection where you can pack a lot of protection in a small space. This makes the helmet more low profile and thinner without sacrificing any safety. The Rollins also has a Stealth Vent Slider so you no longer need that big slider on the top of your helmet anymore. Now you can adjust the vents from inside the helmet depending on the conditions and weather that day. Pretty cool right? If your old helmet is looking like it's on its last leg, the Bern Rollins is a perfect replacement with the style and protection everyone needs.


Zip mold Technology - Berns Zipmold foam is one of the best ways to pack a lot of protection in as little space as possible. They use liquid foam injection which allows them to create a better strength to weight ratio. In other words they pack a whole bunch of foam into a tiny space making it dense and durable but still lightweight. 

Fit System

Premium Knit Liner w/ BOA Technology - Starting just this year Bern has partnered with BOA technologies for their liner. This means that the Bern Rollins is adjustable to dial in that perfect fitment on all kinds of head sizes. It’s as simple as spinning the wheel in the back of the helmet to dial in that just right feeling.


Stealth Slider - The Bern Rollins has a secret hidden vent slider so you can adjust how much air is coming through without that big vent slider on the top of your helmet. Keep it wide open on those warm spring days and slam it closed on those cold winter days. 

10 Vents - When you have the Stealth slider open you have maximum airflow coming through keeping your head at just the right temperature for ultimate awesomeness. 

Additional Awesomeness

Drop In Audio Ready - Making it easy for you to drop in a pair of audio chips and jam out to your favorite tracks while you are out shredding.

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