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Atomic Shift Alpine Touring Ski Bindings 2020

Atomic Shift Alpine Touring Ski Bindings 2020


DIN Range: 6-13 // Weight: 865g per binding // Standing Height: 30mm

DIN/ISO 13992:2014 Certified // ISO 5355+GripWalk+WTR Compatible // Crampon Compatible

The Atomic Shift has been in development for eight years and the conclusion is simple. It's real, it's here, and it's as awesome as it sounds. A touring binding with no compromise wipes the fear of pre-release away forever. Full DIN certification in both the toe and heel provides alpine downhill performance never seen in a touring bindings. It's time to saddle up and dominate the uphill and crush the down with full confidence. Transitioning from downhill to touring is achieved with the press of a button on the toe. That's it, you go from full down to full up in an instant. Yes it has a climbing ladder and yes it's crampon compatible. There is nothing the Atomic Shift can't do. It will be slightly heavier than some of its pin binding competitors at 865g per binding, but that trade off for safety is marginal. Atomic also engineered the Shift with Multi Norm Certification (MNC). In Layman's terms that means it works with almost every ski boot on the market. GripWalk, WTR, and touring soles are all compatible as long as they have full toe and heel lugs. 

The Atomic Shift Ski Bindings are for everyone who enjoys skinning and downhill. Whether your a casual morning cruiser at your local mountain before it opens or a backcountry enthusiast, the Shift makes sense. With 47mm of elasticity travel in the toe ensures you won't pre-release if you feel like sending it off a cliff or ripping some trees at speed. Regardless of what you're into the Shift will make you life better for going up and coming down!

*Not compatible with boots that DO NOT have full toe and heel lugs: i.e Atomic Backlands, Arc'teryx Procline, Dynafit Hoji, Salomon X-Alp...are a few to name.

DIN Toe + Heel

Material: Carbon Infused PA, Steel, Aluminum

Designed by: Salomon // Built by: Amer, Austria Factory

TLDR: The Shift is essentially two bindings in one. A tech binding for the uphill and a full DIN binding for the downhill.

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