Atomic Hawx Prime 115 S Ski Boots 2021 // Women's


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Atomic Hawx Prime 115 S Ski Boots 2021 // Women's


Flex: 115 // weight: 1655g @ 25.5 // Last: 100mm @ 26.5

ISO 5355

If you want a ski boot that absolutely rips (and c'mon, who doesn't?), there aren't too many better than the Atomic Hawx Prime 115. Obviously that 115 number indicates that this is a high-end, stiff boot - this and the narrower version, the Hawx Ultra 115, are the stiffest women's boots Atomic makes. But there's a lot more to this boot than just that stiff flex, the fit is one of the best in the game. With a 100mm last the boot is more accommodating on the sides and the top of the foot than Low Volume options in a similar flex like the Hawx Ultra 115 or Salomon S/Max 110, and much more accommodating in those spots than your old race boots. For a mid-volume boot, however, the fit is still pretty precise. If you have a really narrow foot you'll like those other two options more, but the Hawx Prime 115 is definitely a more snug mid-volume. If you're looking at a boot in this category there's a pretty good chance you know how ski boots are supposed to fit, and for a lot of aggressive skiers a roomier fit like the Nordica Speedmachine 115 is going to feel sloppy. Basically this is a Goldilocks type fit: not too snug, not too roomy, and with a plastic that's really easy to customize and stretch if necessary. 

Polyurethane Shell + Polyurethane Cuff

2 Piece Overlap

Designed by: Atomic // Built by: Amer Sports, Romania

How's the Fit: Fits on the precise side for a 100mm last but is great for people with higher insteps.  The toe box doesn’t feel too roomy either.

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