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Atomic Backland XTD 105 W GW Ski Boots 2025 // Women's

A light weight touring boot that punches above its weight class on the way down. A smooth walk mode, incredible fit, and a responsive feel puts this boot at the front of the pack.


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A lightweight touring boot for female skiers. Smooth on the up, confident on the down.


The Atomic Backland XTD 105 is a women's specific touring boot that is perfect for skiers who spend the majority of their time in the back country or side country who don't want to sacrifice a ton of downhill capability. Most touring boots often struggle to drive skis with real power, not the Backland XTD. For a touring boot the Backland XTD offers good power, rebound, and responsiveness to keep the way down from what you toured up exciting and predictable. On the ascent this boot is a dream; it's light and has an incredibly smooth walk mode to keep your tour as efficient as possible. There are alpine touring boots that are lighter and there are alpine touring boots that are more downhill-focused, this is a really awesome blend of lightweight construction and downhill performance. It's one of the top performers in this category. A 105 flex provides enough stiffness to handle more aggressive skiers but isn't so stiff that more casual skiers should be scared off. This is a more specialized touring boot so it does feel a little out of place in the resort, but if you do find yourself in the resort this boot can get you through it. This is a boot that is designed to be paired with a lighter-weight touring ski, not a boot built to drive downhill skis. Atomic has done a really great job filling a void in the market, boots that are light but also share some fit characteristics of more downhill-oriented boots. 

Bootfitter's notes:

For avergage feet this is a tough boot to beat in the touring category. If you have narrower feet the heel hold is more than enough to keep you locked in on descents and if you have wider feet the heat moldable liner and shell are easy to manipulate to get the fit to be more comfortable. Length is true to size and toe box is comfortable enough to keep your feet happy on longer ascents. Generous across the instep and top of the foot but not overly spacious. Heel/ankle area has a firm but not fit and feel without being overbearing. Sides of the feet are true to a mid volume fit. This is also one of the easier touring boots to put on and take off.

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Tech Specs

  • Weight/ 1400g @ 26.5
  • Liner/ 3D Platinum Tour
  • Boot Sole/ Gripwalk
  • Designed By/ Atomic
  • Last/ 100mm
  • Cuff Style/ Hybrid Overlap
  • Shell Materials/ Polyurethane
  • Built By/ Atomic

The Test Crew

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The Backland XTD 105 is great at what it was built for -- touring. It has a very natural feel on ascents while also providing stability and confidence on the way down. It has a shape and fit that will work for a huge range of skiers.

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