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Astis Denali Mittens


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Astis Denali Mittens



Nothing screams America like the American flag, especially when its on there representing Mount Mckinley. So when they came up with the Astis Denali Mitten, it was a no brainer to make the amazing beadwork symbolize the red white and blue. Silicon injected suede leather completely waterproofs these mittens for all the protection you could need. Polartec Thermal Pro insulates the interior for incredible warmth that still remains breathable for all day comfort. Shred waist deep in powder without fearing these mittens are not up to the task. Fashionably awesome and functional makes the Astis Denali Mitten a national hero for handwear.


High-quality silicon injected suede leather.


Polartec Thermal Pro High Loft lines the entire inside of the mitten for tons of comfort and warmth your hands will absolutely love.


Astis uses all natural suede leather that is injected with silicon during the tanning process. This enhances the waterproofing beyond its natural properties for complete weather protection.

Additional Awesomeness

Crafted from all natural materials with incredible beadwork that makes the mittens a piece of art, while remaining functional in all forms of weather.

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