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Armada Declivity 102 Ti Skis 2023

Armada Declivity 102 Ti Skis 2023


The Armada Declivity series is full of winners. The Declivity 102 is no slouch and considering its wider waist it can carve better than every other ski out there over 100mm. The generous rocker in the tip and tail make this a great ski for skiing trees and tighter terrain without sacrificing on trail performance. It's not the most automatic feeling ski in tight terrain and takes a skier that knows how to drive a more powerful ski but on trail the turn initiation is smooth and this is a ski that never gets nervous. You can really push em'. If you're looking for a true all mountain ski that can handle a huge variety of terrain but need something that feels strong on groomers, the Declivity 102 is incredible.  Armada isn't a race heritage brand but their founder, Hans Smith, is an absolute  ripping skier and so are most of his athletes.  They can push skis to the limit and know what a good ski is supposed to feel like. Good skis are good skis. This is one of the best over 100mm wide. 

Tech Specs:

  • Radius: 18m @ 180
  • Weight: 1950g @ 180
  • Profile: Rocker - Camber - Rocker
  • Dimensions: 135 - 102 - 125 @ 180
  • Core Materials: Caruba
  • Added Materials: Titanal
  • Designed By: Armada
  • Built By: Atomic

$449.00 Orig. $799.95

Save $350.95 for a Limited Time Only!
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  • 172

  • 180

A 102mm waisted ski that carves like a much more narrow ski and floats like a wider ski. What a banger.

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