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Armada ARV 94 Skis 2024

It's playful, agile, and oozes freestyle character, so obvi it rips park laps, but at 94MM underfoot you can take it through the woods, in some softer stuff, or mow over some chop and it'll more than hold up. It even has enough composure underfoot for some fun groomer laps.

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One of the most exciting options in the freestyle category.

MID 90s.

Armada took their best freestyle/park skis and made them better. The revamped ARV family offers new technology, increased durability, and more waist-width options. In terms of width, the all-new ARV 94 falls right in the middle of the pack and is here to party. It's a surfy twin-tip ski that's spring-loaded with pop and energy. With a twin shape and soft flex pattern, it's meant to be utilized for park laps, butters, reverts, boosting off jumps, hitting rails, riding switch, and getting adventurous in any kind of terrain you might find. It's a park ski, but at 94MM, it's on the wider end of the park ski spectrum, making it less one-dimensional than other options in the category. The extra width will allow it to hang a little better in soft snow or off-trail environments. No matter where you spend your time, the ARV 94 is looking for a skier who wants to do more than "just ski." What that means is if you're someone who just wants to get up and down the mountain making some casual turns, it might not be necessary to have something so freestyle-oriented. Also if you're someone who spends their day piping groomers and going fast all day you will find it lacks at higher speeds and on more firm terrain. The ARV 94 is one of our favorite new skis for the 23/24 season, but it's best suited for specific types of skiers. It's one of the best options for freestyle or park skiers (or anyone aspiring to be that), or any skier who prefers a playful, twin-tip ski. 

Who is this ski for? Skiers with a playful style. Park skiers, freestyle skiers, or anyone aspiring to be that. 

Who isn't this ski for? Skiers who prioritize stability and groomer performance. Anyone who will be mad if they can't get the fastest time at the Nastar course. 

Technology update:

New waist width and w3Dgewall - improved sidewall technology to increase durability.

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Tech Specs

  • Radius/ 17m @ 178
  • Profile/ Rocker - Camber - Rocker
  • Core Materials/ Caruba
  • Designed By/ Armada
  • Weight/ 1650 @ 178
  • Dimensions/ 123 - 94 - 118 @ 178
  • Added Materials/ Ash Binding Insert
  • Built By/ Amer Sports

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