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Armada AK Adjustable Ski Poles



When durability and adjustability are paramount, the AK Adjustable is your go-to pole for a day on the slopes. Built with 7075 Aluminum in both the 18mm upper section and 16mm lower section, this adjustable pole will take any abuse you can throw at it. An ultralight EVA Foam grip keeps your hands warm and confidently placed on the pole all day. Collapse the pole to its shortest position and it will lock in-place to ensure it doesn’t hang up while strapped on your pack during a trek.


7075 Aluminum - These poles are strong, made with the sturdiest lightweight aluminum.

18mm Upper & 16mm Lower 


Touring Grip – EVA Foam keeps your hands warm and comfortable.

Touring Strap –  Durable strap keeps your poles close by should your hands let go. 


Comes with an 85mm basket and features an interchangeable basket system. 

Additional Awesomeness

Power Lock 2.1 Adjustable Pole Length – Adjust your poles from 56” all the way down to 34”.

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