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Scott The Ski 2016

Scott The Ski 2016

Scott The Ski 2016



The idea that any single pair of skis can do everything well is a fleeting one, but Scott's The Ski plays the role of the one-ski-quiver pretty darn effectively. If you're looking for a capable, energetic, easy turning ride that isn’t overly demanding, then the 2016 The Ski is a pair of boards that you shouldn’t overlook. A profile which combines rocker in the tip with camber under foot gives you edge grip that you can count on, and an ease of turn initiation that will have you poaching left-overs well into the late afternoon. The Scott The Ski is unique among 85-95 millimeter skis in that it is pressed with generous early-rise in the tip. This profile serves to significantly minimize fatigue in heavy snow, and thereby extend your ski days. The result of Scott’s Elliptical Sandwich Construction is a convex top sheet. This shape allows The Ski to maintain a high strength to weight relationship, and prevents impact forces from making square contact with the ski edge.


Sandwich Sidewall - A full vertical sidewall construction tip-to-tail provides excellent torsional rigidity and edge control.

Elliptical Sandwich - Exceptional torsional stiffness while providing a consistent and confidence flex, resulting in precision edge control.


Full Length Wood Core - A full length wood core provides a stable feeling ride all over the mountain.


Pro-Tip Rocker 320 - Tip rocker with camber underfoot. This rockered tip is designed for easy turn initiation on any terrain, in any snow condition. The cambered zone gives the skis a stable, powerful feel.

Rocker Camber Key

Tip Rocker Camber underfoot

Additional Awesomeness

3Dimension Sidecut - A sidecut design that combines tip and tail radius with a central flat or minimal sidecut underfoot. This makes the skis surprisingly playful and incredibly predictable in any snow condition.

Pre-Track - This technology gives the ski a variable effective edge depending on terrain. On groomers the ski performs with a smaller effective edge, which provides smooth and precise short radius turns. Off-trail the ski performs with a longer effective edge, which allows for bigger bomber turns in soft snow.

Factory Finish - No turning required! These bad boys come with a 3 degree side and 1 degree base angle, as well as a factory stone grind. Directly out of the wrap and onto the hill!


The Scott The Ski does not come with bindings. We recommend you use a binding that will accommodate your skiing needs (backcountry, touring, all-mountain, freestyle etc.). Be sure the brake width and release settings will work for your particular activity. Questions about what's best for you, contact an expert at 

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