Marker Free 7 Ski Bindings 2019 // Kid's

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Marker Free 7 Ski Bindings 2019 // Kid's


DIN Range: 2-7 // Weight: 557g per binding // Standing Height: 21mm

ISO 5355 // GripWalk Boot Sole Compatible

The Marker M 7.0 Free Kid's Ski Bindings are a perfect complement to any junior twin-tip or wider waisted skis. Marker builds the 7.0 Free with a BioTech toe with a sliding AFD, for safety and security. The Compact heel helps your favorite junior skier easily click-in and out, which allows them for simple step-in when their skis pop-off during the learning process. The Marker 7.0 Free Ski Bindings come with a steezy paint-job and an 85 MM brake.  The 85mm brake works with most junior skis.

Compact Heel

Material: Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic

Designed by: Marker // Built by: Marker, Czech Republic Factory

TLDR: Fit a wide variety of skis to make for an easy an awesome learning experience.

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