DynafitDynafit Radical FT 2.0 Ski Bindings 2018

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Dynafit Radical FT 2.0 Ski Bindings 2018



The Dynafit TLT Radical FT 2.0 is one hell of a free touring binding. Finally after almost 30 years, Dynafit has earned a TUV certification and these Radical FT’s have a DIN range of 5-12. This improved range is perfect for bigger skiers and anyone that considers themselves aggressive. The elastic travel found in this binding is a big improvement over the older 1.0 radical bindings. The toe piece is basically the same as the old radical but now it is mounted on a rotating turn table that adds some much needed suspension. When you combine the rotating toe with 10mm of forward pressure in the heel, you get a secure ski connection worthy of lift service turns. The heel has the same easy to operate lifters that you have grown accustom to on older Dynafit models, however the brake system is so much easier to lock now. The Radical FT looks very similar to its younger brother the ST but the main differences are a better spring package and carbon power plates. The springs kick the DIN up to 12 and the carbon power plates add 12% more stiffness. The Radical FT is the perfect choice for a heavy ski tourer or for anyone looking to have one lightweight setup that can ski it all.


Rotation Toe Piece - The updated Radical 2.0 toe piece can now rotate 5 millimeters in each direction while in ski mode. The toe piece still locks into hike mode to provide solid control over the ski while skinning. However, you will no longer feel the need to lock the toe while skiing in order to stay in. The new rotating toe combined with 10mm of travel in the heel creates for a very smooth feel.

Carbon Powerplate - One of the easiest ways to spot a Radical FT is by its Carbon Powerplates that you won’t find on the ST. These Powerplates go under the toe and heel to increase torsional stiffness by 12%.


Easy Lock Brake System - The old radical made locking the brake a two handed operation. Now you can simply twist the heel piece 90 degrees and then stomp on the brake to lock it up and out of the way.

10mm Forward Pressure - The Radical 2.0’s now sport 10mm of elastic travel in the heel to help keep you in the bindings during a ripping turn.

Climbing / Touring Aid

The Radical has two heel lifters that give you the flexibility to go from flat, to steep, to super steep. They are easy enough to flip with a pole basket and we can’t say the same for the Beast.


Forged 7075 Aluminum, High Tech Synthetic, Stainless Steel, Chromoly, Carbon Reinforced

Hike To Ski Adjustment

On The Way Up -  Step 1, throw your skins on. Step 2, turn the heel piece 90 degrees clockwise. Step 3, stomp on the brake to lock it out of the way. Step 4, click into the toe piece and then pull up on the lever all the way to lock into hike mode.

On They Way Down - Step 1, pull the skins off. Step 2, rotate the heel 90 degrees counterclockwise and free the brake. Step 3, engage the toe piece and then line up the heel and engage the rear pins. Step 4, shred on!

Additional Awesomeness

DIN 5-12, +/- 22.5mm length adjustment, Step in side towers.

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