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Dynafit Beast 14 Ski Bindings 2017

Dynafit Beast 14 Ski Bindings 2017



The Beast 14 is a perfect binding for the guy who is aiming to have one setup that can do it all. This binding will allow you to hike efficiently but with its multiple safety features and large springs it can keep up with any of the bindings you might find in the resort. The Beast 14 is also a great choice for anyone that likes to ski hard on the way down from an epic tour. This binding can stand up some athletic skiing and keep you on your feet.  Dynafit has designed this binding to fall in their free touring category of equipment and this binding can definitely be pushed to the limit.


The toe piece on the Beast 14 is very similar to other toe pieces in the line up. Our favorite part about this toe is how easy it is to switch it between hike ski and release. It is a lot easier to get out of the Beast 14 on a tour compared to the Beast 16 binding. The toe piece also contains a hook for climbing crampons. When you lock this toe into ski mode you gain five millimeters of rotation in either direction for safety. When the toe is locked in hike mode, the toe will not move giving you complete control of the ski.


The Beast 14 heel is a work of art. Most frameless bindings are able to keep your toe held down and your heel pushed forward into the toe just like regular alpine bindings. However, most frameless ski touring bindings fail to keep the heel of your boot pressed down toward the ski with any significant amount of force. This can make forward twisting falls a sure release. The Beast heel is revolutionary because it has some elasticity in three directions like traditional ski bindings. There is some return to center tension left and right. A separate large spring in the back keeps forward pressure on your boot. As you step into the heel of the binding, a claw like lever engages on the heel as a second line of defense against upward release. This tech heel requires beast clips on your AT boots to increase vertical retention.

Climbing/Touring Aid

The Beast series of bindings has a heel piece that slides back when it is engaged in touring mode. The first climbing aid comes down and pins the brake. This first climbing aid is perfect for the beginning of your trip out on the snow. When the conditions get steep, you can engage a second climbing aid to increase your ramp angle. This second climbing aid helps you take some strain off  of your hamstrings and crush the uphill slog.


Forged 7075 Aluminum, Chromoly, High-Strength Synthetic Material, Stainless Steel.

Hike To Ski Adjustment

With a little practice, you will be able to switch this binding from hike to ski and back again using only your pole grip. Begin your tour with the binding brakes pinned. You can complete this by flipping down the first climbing aid and locking it into place. Line up the tech toe inserts in your touring boot with the binding toe pins on the Beast and step down. Once engaged you pull the front lever up to lock the toe piece into hike mode and now you are ready for the skin up. At the top, reach back with your pole grip and pull up on the first hike aid engaging the brake. After that step down with your heel and you are ready to ski.

Additional Awesomeness

DIN 5-14, Weight Approx 1760g/pair, Stand height front 17mm, back 23mm, Rotation toe piece, Low binding entry force (great for powder.)

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