Burton Lynx Full-Zip Reversible Fleece Jacket // Women's


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Burton Lynx Full-Zip Reversible Fleece Jacket // Women's


100% Polyester // Sherpa Fleece + Soft Taffeta

The Burton Lynx Full Zip is about to become an après ski essential and you're gonna have some real jealous friends. Sherpa fleece is a super warm polyester material with a little bit of stretch to it as well; it hardly needs to be said but sherpa fleece is really warm and super cozy to wear. The reverse side is a soft taffeta so if you want to take full advantage of the insulation you can flip it inside-out and get the fleece material on the inside. But honestly I would guess the real reason they made it reversible is so when those jealous friends of yours buy their own, you can wear it at the same time and nobody will know. 

Relaxed Fit

2 Pockets on Sherpa Side

Fully Reversible 

TLDR: Basically the coziest mid-layer you'll ever own. 


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