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Smith Squad MAG Goggles

A classic, clean design with Smith's best tech, yes the whole description compares them to the Cybertruck.

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Includes two lenses: Bright light and low light ChromaPop™ performance tints and a microfiber goggle bag with replacement lens sleeve.


The Squad MAG from Smith is the Cybertruck of goggles. Flat, clean lines, rather plain...some may say utilitarian but personally I think it still has that cool factor. Now for what's under the hood if you will, 8 magnetic contact points and a dual locking mechanism to make lens swaps quicker than ever without sacrificing safety. This is the latest tech from Smith that can be found on other similar goggles like the I/O Mag and I/O Mag XL. The only difference here is that you get that classic cylindrical look with a huge field of view. The more I write about these the more I wonder if Elon was on the design team. The goal seems awfully similar to what I imagine his meetings to be like..."they need the best tech we can create, and they need to look cool as sh*t." - Not Elon Musk.


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Tech Specs

  • Frame Size/ Medium/Large
  • Quick Change/ Yes
  • Spare Lens/ Yes
  • Notable Features/ Ultra-Wide, Silicone Backed Strap // ChromaPop Lens // MAG Interchangeable System // Tapered Lens Technology // 5x Anti-Fog Inner Lens

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The Smith Squad MAG Goggles are seriously sick. Perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their old pair and not completely splurge on the I/O Mags. Same great tech you know and love from Smith just with a a boxier shape and sleek finish.

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