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Salomon Strive 16 MN Ski Bindings 2024

The Strive 16 is a high DIN binding for more advanced skiers. It has a low profile design while also being sturdy, and capable of transmitting energy from boot to ski efficiently. Bonus points for not being a difficult binding to step into.


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The ultimate binding for advanced skiers who crank their DINs up.


The Salomon Strive 16 isn't just a great-looking binding, it's a great skiing binding. A low stand height combined with a wider toe piece provides awesome power transfer and a great snow feel. All this really boils down to is a binding that allows ultimate control over your skis. This is a higher DIN binding, so it's reserved for higher DIN skiers or skiers that crank their DINS higher than the average recreational skier. The Strive 16 is equipped with a three-piece heel, so even though this is a higher DIN binding, it's not a difficult binding to click into or step out of. The MN signifies that this boot is "Mulit-Norm-Compatible." This means the toe height can be adjusted to work with a large range of boot sole types, not just GripWalk or DIN soles. If you're a more advanced skier and want a binding that will provide a confidence inspring feel and allow you to get the most performance out of your skis, this is for you. 

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Tech Specs

  • DIN Range/ 7-16
  • Standing Height/ 19.5mm
  • Built By/ Salomon
  • Weight/ 1125 per Binding
  • Designed By/ Salomon

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The Strive 16 is built for harder-charging skiers who want power transfer and stability out of a binding. This isn't a binding for everyone because of the higher DIN range, but if you're a higher DIN skier this is one of the best options for you.

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