K2 Spyne 110 HV Ski Boots 2016

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K2 Spyne 110 HV Ski Boots 2016



Want a comfortable more forgiving 110 flex ski boot?  Of course you do.  50% fun, 50% hard charging, you have the a great blend of comfort and performance.  From the lodge bar to the double blacks the K2 Spyne 110 is a great ski boot for Intermediates and up.  The Spyne 110 comes in three widths the HV being the widest at a 102mm last.  In combination with the LuxFit liner you get solid heel retention without an overbearing amount of foam at the ankle and achilles.  When you're in a boot that allows your foot to be comfortable you're able to focus on the terrain and what's coming up next.  For wider footed intermediates you'll be charging terrain you haven't charged before.

Forward Flex / Boot Fit

K2 Ski Boot Widths, LV, HV, Standard

The energy interlock is what sets the Spyne 110 apart from other 110 flex ski boots.  It may flex slightly softer than other 110's but it is stiffer laterally becuse of the interlock system -- they got the idea from high rise buildings that are built with steel.  Most other 110 flex boots use rivets to connect the upper and lower shells -- K2's design works really well.  This is the HV fit the widest Spyne shell made. K2 also pre-punched at the Navicular bone making the boot much more comfortable for those with flatter feet or protruding Naviculars bones.  If you're familiar with Intuition you know they fit way better after being molded to your foot - out of the box fit isn't the best way to judge an intuition lined ski boot.  

*All K2 Ski Boots flex slightly softer than most boots with the same flex index.


Intuition LuxFit  - More luxurious than the PrecisionFit or other full on Intuition liners.  The Lux fit employs traditional liner materials and strategically placed intuition ultralon foam for a better out of the box fit while maintaining great heel retention.  As it goes with Intuition they are extremely warm and great for the coldest days out on the hill.


4 Micro-Adjustable Buckles - 4 sleek micro-adjustable buckles keep your foot locked in place.  

Additional Awesomeness

Powerfuse Spyne - On the spine of the boot you'll notice an additional support in the shape of the 'Y'.  This keeps the boot from flexing backwards.  There is a lot of talk about forward flex but a boot that doesn't flex backwards easily keeps skiers on top of their skis and reduces shin bang

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