Dynafit Vulcan Ski Boots 2018

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Dynafit Vulcan Ski Boots 2018



The Dynafit Vulcan is a no compromise boot for an uphill minded person. First off, this boot is stiff, real stiff. Compare it up against other 130’s and the Vulcan will go toe to toe with any of them. A big part of that stiffness can be attributed to the carbon fiber upper cuff, its rigid and easy on the eyes too. This three buckle boot cleverly uses a removable tongue, cabrio design to ensure you get the best performance on the uphill and down. Start your day in walk mode with the tongues in your pack and you will have the range of motion needed to tackle any skin track. Then, when you top out on your tour, you can simply loosen your buckles and finesse the tongues back into place for the ultimate power on the way down. The Vulcan’s flex with the booster tongue in place has been known to be too much for some skiers, so if you prefer a softer flex, you may just leave these at home.

On the subject of fit, the Vulcan has a very tight heel pocket combined with a forgiving forefoot and toe box. The vulcan has a 104mm last in 27.5 so you will have the ability to wear a thick sock on super cold days. The toe box has enough room so steep hard boot packs won’t leave you with black toe nails. Dynafit combines the top buckle and walk mode switch into one piece of hardware called the Ultra Lock. The Ultra Lock is very easy to operate and we really like that it pins the upper cuff so high on the boot. This high point of connection is an important piece of the boots stiffness. The custom plus liner is fully heat moldable and we would recommend heating them up before you go skiing.

Forward Flex and Boot Fit

Downhill Booster Tongue - The Vulcan comes with a removable tongue that slips between the buckles to stiffen up your ride on the way down. When you pull the tongue out and switch into walk mode, the cuff rotation feel smooth and natural.

Adjustable Forward Lean - You can change the forward lean from 15 to 18 degrees by unscrewing and flipping the metal linkage located on the spoiler. The linkage is fastened with two Torx screws.


Custom Plus - The Dynafit Custom Plus liner is light, warm, and comfortable. This liner uses three layers of foam, one of them being the warm and dense Ultralon. The Custom Plus liner has the ability to be laced up for those looking to reduce blisters in an unbuckled shell.


3 Cable Buckles - Dynafit’s unique cable buckles are light, strong, and efficient. The bottom two are micro adjustable to fine tune the fit. The top two buckle catches have useful plastic clips that keep the cable in place even when opened up for touring. The metal components of the buckle are made of magnesium so you know they will be light and strong.

Ski / Hike

Ultra Lock 2.0 - The walk mode, or ultra lock as dynafit likes to call it, is a top buckle and walk mode all rolled into one. Flip the big yellow lever forward to release from ski mode and it locks into position. It is really nice to have the buckle stuck in the forward position because it won’t get caught on anything while skinning or hiking up. On the way back down, simply flip the yellow lever back into place and the pin in the back will keep the top cuff locked unto place.

Additional Awesomeness

Ultra Lock Strap - This removable power strap is super easy to operate with gloves on. There is a thin rope loop attached to the buckle that easily releases tension in the power strap when you transition to from ski to walk.

Boot Sole - Dynafit Pro

Internal Cuff Stoppers - Dial in the stiffness with two cuff stoppers on the carbon cuff. If you remove both screws, the boot will get softer.

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