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Tell a Friend Tour: Nashoba Valley 1.18.2014

Posted January 21, 2014 @ 5:37pm | by Brady Page

The Tell a Friend Tour made its 5th stop on at Nashoba Valley this Saturday and The Ski Monster was there to support. This is the second year that Andy Perry has put together a ski tour on the east coast that includes skiing, ski shops, give a-ways, and free pizza!

Line Traveling Circus Tell a Friend Tour 2013 - 2014

Andy Parry and Ian Compton showed up around 10am to ski with the kids and do some filming. After a mandatory everything bagel with cream cheese, Andy took the kids up on the lift and proceeded to take some laps. When I left Boston that morning it was raining pretty hard, but by the time we got to the mountain it was absolutely dumping. Andy even said it himself; “These are the biggest flakes I have seen in a long time.” The snow got pretty heavy and wet but that didn’t stop the shredding. You couldn’t wipe the smile off of any kids face, not even the guy with the soaking wet wolf tall tee. I would have been cold but he were having a blast. Andy was showing off on the rails and encouraging the same from everyone. He gave away prizes to anyone who showed a willingness to try a new trick.

Progression is the whole goal of this Tell a Friend Tour and there was definitely no shortage of it. We had a great time hanging out with Ben Schmidt of Smith Optics. Ben brought along some great Smith gear including some Frisbees that were quite fun to toss in the base area. Some of the kids managed to play catch while skiing the park, the neon yellow disc looked pretty cool glowing in the snow. As a Frisbee player myself I was pretty jealous that I couldn’t join them.

2014 Line Traveling Circus Tell A Friend Tour - Nashoba Valley MA

Andy definitely took most of the attention with him wherever he went, so when he was in the park, the tents at the base were pretty dead. Zach, Ben and I took advantage of the down time and the fresh snow by rolling up a few snowmen. I can’t remember the last time I constructed a snowman myself, but the fresh snow was perfect for making them huge.

Snowman Building Contest Nashoba Valley

Andy Parry Line Traveling Circus Pizza

Andy had everyone gather down at the base area at 3:30 and begin constructing their own snow creatures. By four o’clock the pizza had showed up and so did the Line Traveling Circus van. Andy and his crew handed out raffle tickets to everyone and he laid out a table full of swag. One by one the tickets were called and the lucky winners were instructed to take one item from the table. After all the hats, shirts, sweatshirts, goggles, jackets, gloves and other swag was gone we finished off the pizza and packed up the truck. It was a hell of a day, and I cant wait to see the footage that came out of the day.

Ski Monster Tell a Friend Tour

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