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Liquid Force Wakesurf Rope Review

Posted July 6, 2012 @ 10:15am | by Eric Gerrmann

wakesurf rope, liquid force, tow ropeWith the numerous amount of tow rope options on the market today, choosing the correct one for your specific needs can be confusing. I have had the opportunity to use a variety of different brands for all of my water sport applications. Some seem to stand out more than others, and for wakesurfing the best tow rope is the Liquid Force Surf Rope with a 9" handle.

Liquid Force made this rope extremely user friendly for both beginners and expert surfers. It is designed with a 9 inch fully padded handle that makes it very easy on the hands. The handle is super easy to grip and ideal for long laps around the lake or a quick toss back into the boat. Also, the handle's full pads allow for a safe return throw to the surfer's awaiting spotter. The rope is knotted in three different locations all accompanied by an oversized grip that makes pulling into the wave a breeze. Each knot position allows the beginner/intermediate surfer to gradually make their way into the sweet spot of the wave. The grips are extremely durable and will with-stand a beginner's aggressive pull when attempting to locate the push of the wave.

The rope itself is designed on a durable a 5/8 inch line. The line is built to make getting up on a wakesurf board a cinch! With multiple loops for adjusting length, the rope is easy to attach to the pylon making riders of different styles and comfort levels feel confident when launching out of the water. For the summer 2012, Liquid Force made the line bright green so it's extremely easy to spot in the water. 

I currently use two of these surf ropes, one blue and one bright green. Having multiple ropes allows for two riders to surf different sides of the wake at the same time. I don't recommend surfing with multiple surfers until your crew of riders becomes experienced enough to properly handle themselves on the wave.

Liquid Force really did a fantastic job with this particular product. Whether it's a first time surfer or an experienced veteran, something as simple as a tow rope can enhance your overall experience on the wave.

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