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How do I get Sponsored?

Posted April 25, 2012 @ 1:57pm | by George Michaelsen

How to Get SponsoredThe life of a pro athlete; gear, travel, hotels, taking a helicopter instead of a chairlift, and getting paid to do what you love is really appealing, it's awesome actually and a total dream job!  One of the most common questions we get over here is "How do I get Sponsored?" Getting sponsored is the dream of almost every young skier and snowboarder out there, so here's some advice to help you acheive your dream, of getting a sponsorship.

First off, you need to love your sport, it needs to consume your thoughts all day everyday.  If this is how you feel you're on the right track, and getting a sponsor is definitely a possiblity.  If you're out there having fun and loving what you do everything else should fall into place, but here are somethings to keep in mind.

If you want skiing or snowboarding to be your business, you have to invest a lot of time and hard work, and you'll have to treat it like a full time job. Training doesn't end for you when the snow melts at your local mountain, snow is something you have to chase. Getting to camps like Windells at Mt. Hood in the summer and dry land training are necessary for you to reach your goals.

Hang out with like minded people, skiers and snowboarders, that are trying to accomplish similar goals.  Get out there and Participate in contests/competitions at your local mountains, participating in the community you want to be involved in is crucial.  Technology has brought many people together, get online and share your edits, pictures, and thoughts about the sport you love.  

It's not all about having an awesome bag of tricks.  Companies are looking for something different, an awesome unique style, you need to differentiate yourself from everybody else.  There can only be one Tom Wallisch and one Shaun White, you need to find your own style like they found their own style.  If you want to be noticed by the companies and reps you need to make yourself stand out, find your own style and embrace it.  The one thing that all the pro athletes have in common is a positive attitude, this trait will carry you to the top and help you build and maintain the relationships necessary to accomplish your dream of being a sponsored athlete.  

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