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Athlete Interview: Russ Henshaw

Posted April 6, 2012 @ 10:03am | by George Michaelsen

Russ HenshawAfter Austrailian Native, Russ Henshaw stomped the Triple Cork 1440 off the 80ft table yesterday in Åre, Sweden at JOI (Jon Olsson Invite) he took a few minutes to answer some of my questions.  

TSM: How old were you when you started skiing? 

Russ: I was 3 or 4 years old on a family ski trip.

TSM: What was the first mountain/hill you went to? 

Russ: I think it was Thredbo in Australia.

TSM: First pair of skis? 

Russ: Not sure as they were race skis.

TSM: When did you realize skiing was going to be a major part of your life? 

Russ: as soon as I clipped into them for the first time

TSM: What mountain do you spend most of your time at? 

Russ: Perisher in Australia as its the longest I'm in one spot. Other than that it might be Breckenridge.

TSM: How often do you make it back home? 

Russ: Maybe 2 months every year and the rest of the time I am traveling for competitions.

TSM: It's hard to believe you had a major surgery during the summer. How did you get back into prime shape so quickly? 

Russ: I worked as hard as I could for 6 months straight. I was in the gym 6 days a week twice a day with physio on top of that as well.

TSM: Put your skiing style into words if you can? 

Russ: FUN. I have a lot of fun when I ski and I hope that shows when Im skiing

TSM: Any pre competition routines/superstitions?

Russ: I just need to be skiing with music and then I'm fine.

TSM: Night comps or day comps? 

Russ: Both are super fun. Night is cool because the light is consistent, only thing that sucks about them is its way colder haha!

TSM: Favorite comp of the year? 

Russ: Probably JOI. It has a perfect jump and a sick atmosphere. 

TSM: Winning a contest, what's that like? 

Russ: Unreal. Feels so good to know you did everything you could to win.

TSM: Favorite trick to throw? 

Russ: Either a cork 360 or a flat 540.

TSM: What's going through your head when your double corking off of a 70ft kicker? 

Russ: Nothing haha! I am listening to music and not focusing. Because if I focus I end up screwing the trick up!

TSM: Tips for the young shredders out there? 

Russ: Just have fun. If you're having fun and loving it, good things will happen.

TSM: Any Shout outs or thank yous? 

Russ: I want to thank my girlfriend Laura for supporting me along with my parents and then also all my sponsors: Redbull, Volkl, Adidas, Leki, Dalbello and Perisher.

TSM: How do fans get in touch with you?

Russ: My site Russhenshaw.comFacebook, and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @RussHenshaw.

Sick! Thanks for taking the time dude, have a good rest of the season and have fun at the Jon Olsson Invite this weekend!  The Triple cork 1440 you stomped yesterday was ridiculously clean!

Russ' second episode of 'On The Road with Russ Henshaw' came out a couple of days ago.  The soundtrack will get you jacked, and the tricks will make you wish summer wasn't coming.  Check it out!

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