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Volkl Secret 102 Skis 2020 // Women's

Volkl Secret 102 Skis 2020 // Women's


r: 18.1 meters @ 170 centimeters // weight: 2100 grams @ 170 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

140 - 102 - 123

The Sister ski to the Mantra 102, and similarly has a surfier feel than it's narrower version.  The Secret 102 is more comparable to a Sheeva 10 or ARW series ski, with a less directional feel than the Secret 92.  A ski built for skiers that are splitting their time between carving  groomers and the search of soft snow -- basically every skier everywhere.  The Secret 102 is what the old Aura always wanted it to be, playful when you want it, but still enough guts and dampness to feel grippy on harder snow.  It's a Volkl, they grip on hardpack no matter how soft snow oriented they are.


How does the Secret 102 compare to the Santa Ana 100?

The Santa Ana 100 has a more directional feel than the Secret 102, translation it'll ski better on groomers than the Secret 102.  However the Secret 102 will be easier to smear a turn. 

Beech/Poplar Core

Titanal + Carbon Fiber tip and tail

Designed by: Volkl // Built by: Volkl, Germany Factory

TLDR: It says Volkl on it so you know it rips.

Recommended Binding: The Volkl Secret skis do NOT include a binding -- the best skis come flat. 

We recommend the Marker Griffon ID with 110 mm brake.

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