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Volkl Deacon 84 Skis 2020

Volkl Deacon 84 Skis 2020


r: 16.8 meters @ 172 centimeters // weight: 2200 grams @ 172 centimeters (no binding) // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

132 - 84 - 115

Like skiing groomers, skiing groomers fast? Than the Volkl Deacon 84 may be your weapon of choice.  The 84 mm waist coupled with a robust construction is ready to push the needle, as you jet down your favorite crusier.  People go with the Volkl Deacon 84 because of the power it has and solid feeling it gives skiers.  The Deacon 84 doesn’t feel like a noodle, it doesn’t feel like a ski that is easy to overturn, when skis overturn it feels like all they want to do is short turns.  Skiing like a Volkl does but on a waist width that can tackle the majority of snow types you’d find when skiing groomers, from loose granular to hard pack and all the corn snow in between the Deacon 84 can hang.  The RTM 84 with a bit of rocker in the tail will be fine in bumps and trees, will have no problem ripping a bowl, but it’s home is on the groomed terrain even as it gets chopped up towards the end of the day.


Is there a big difference between the RTM 84 and Deacon 84?

The Deacon 84 is a bit damper feeling, more predictable and a bit easier to initiate a turn at low speeds.

I’m going to own one pair of skis is the Deacon 84 a good choice?

If you’re spending the vast majority of your time on groomers and want a ski that wants to carve and be forgiving enough than yes.  Great on groomers and will get by in off trail situations, if it dumps a lot of snow you’ll probably feel under-gunned – you’ll need more waist width, rocker and potentially length.  This is for ripping groomers and skiing the occasional run off piste.  


Beech/Poplar Core

Steel + 3D Glass

Designed by: Volkl // Built by: Volkl, Germany Factory

TLDR: A ski built for skiiing groomers and hardpack, that's quick edge to edge. 

Binding: The Volkl Deacon  84's include IPT Lowride XL 13 GW binding -- GW means GripWalk compatible.


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