Union Force Snowboard Bindings 2020


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Union Force Snowboard Bindings 2020


Flex: Stiff // Chassis: Injection-Molded Plastic // Compatibility: 2x4, 4x4, The Channel

The Union Force Binding is Dan Brisse tested and Yoda approved. On its 12th year with constant innovation, this binding has tons of tech without a huge price tag. Duraflex ST locks you down with style and strength. The chassis has insane response with tons of comfort and focuses on letting your board follow the natural flex patterns without creating dead spots. Magnesium buckles are 4 times the strength of aluminum and are significantly lighter. Match that with SonicFuse Straps and you're on a one way ticket to awesomeness. This mid flex binding is perfect for the all-mountain shredder who is looking for something sick without breaking the bank. AKA the workhorse, the Union Force Snowboard Bindings are down for the duration.

Reinforced Steel Hardware

Magnesium Buckles

Designed by: Union Binding Co. // Built by: Union, China Factory

TLDR: Don't be fooled by the entry-level price tag, this is a seriously sick binding; especially for guys who like to hit top speed. 

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