The Ski Monster Crew Socks

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The Ski Monster Crew Socks


Style: Crew // Venting: Mesh Venting // Cushion: Medium

Are you even sending if you're not wearing these socks, probably not.  Even if you think you've sent it prior to us creating these socks, imagine how much harder you could've sent it.  Whether your skiing, boarding, biking, or heck even go full send you need the proper attire.  Moisture wicking perfection keeps you comfy so you can stay steezed out.  If you're trying to live that send life this is by far one of the most crucial pieces to maximize your view counts on youtube. It's time to sock up.  SEND IT!

Guaranteed to make a kid jump higher and run faster. #sandlot


M/L (9-11) L/XL (10-13)

Moisture Wicking

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