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Transpack XTW Print Ski Boot Bag // Women's

Transpack XTW Print Ski Boot Bag // Women's


Triangle Style Backpack

The Transpack XTW Print Boot Bag is a women's specific ski/snowboard boot bag that combines functionality with limited edition prints. The XTW Print Boot Bag has more than enough room for all of your belongings, as well as individual side pockets for your ski boots. By keeping your boots separate, it allows for the rest of you gear to remain snow and dirt free. The Transpack XTW Print Boot Bag wears like a backpack, so your walk from the parking lot to the ski lodge is incredibly easy and comfortable. All of the Print color options are incredibly stylish, and will help you differentiate yourself in a lodge full of boring colored boot bags!

Coated Water Resistant

Large Main Central Pocket

Full Tarp Bottom

Boot Pocket Drains


TLDR: Everything you need with some cool designs.

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