Transpack XTW Print Ski Boot Bag // Women's

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Transpack XTW Print Ski Boot Bag // Women's



The Transpack XTW Print Boot Bag is a women's specific ski/snowboard boot bag that combines functionality with limited edition prints. The XTW Print Boot Bag has more than enough room for all of your belongings, as well as individual side pockets for your ski boots. By keeping your boots separate, it allows for the rest of you gear to remain snow and dirt free. The Transpack XTW Print Boot Bag wears like a backpack, so your walk from the parking lot to the ski lodge is incredibly easy and comfortable. All of the Print color options are incredibly stylish, and will help you differentiate yourself in a lodge full of boring colored boot bags!


Denier Polyester - A water resistant material that will keep all of your belongings dry, regardless of weather condition.

Coated Water Resistant - The central pocket is equipped with a full water repellent coating, which allows water to bead right off of your bag and onto the ground.

Boot Bag Style

Transpack Bag Design

Triangle Backpack - Transpack's unique isosceles style bag keeps your gear separated and organized. The women's XT1 comes equipped with a foam padded bag for superior comfort and support, as well as adjustable padded shoulder straps.


Large Main Central Pocket - This pocket accommodates everything from your helmet, goggles, gloves and even an extra jacket (if necessary).

Two Side Boot Pockets - These keep your dirty wet boots separate from the rest of your gear.

Two Additional Side Mesh Pockets - Located on the outside of the boot pockets these mesh pockets give you the extra space to carry all of your equipment.

Internal Zipper Pocket - A unique internal stash pocket ideal for your personal belongings.

Lid Zip Pocket - An extra zip pocket on the lid for plenty of additional storage.

Additional Awesomeness

Boot Pocket Drains for evaporation - Keeps the rest of your gear dry, while allowing your wet ski boots to quickly dry out.

Full Tarp Bottom - A full trap waterproof bottom keeps parking lot dirt, snow and moisture out!

Print Color-ways - This XTW come's with Transpack's printed color options. Super sick, super fresh and exclusively limited.

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