ThirtyTwoThirtyTwo TM-Two Snowboard Boots 2016

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ThirtyTwo TM-Two Snowboard Boots 2016



Loud colors with lots of steez, the ThirtyTwo TM-Two Boot has been a team favorite year in and year out. Encompassing everything riders love in traditional lace boots. Lots of power with the proper flexibility to match, this boot performs from park to pow with nothing holding you back. Performance Backstay reinforces the calf and heel resulting in insane responsiveness and durability. 3D Molded Tongue gives comfort where its needed, but more importantly does not interfere with forward flex. Consistent performance from top to bottom makes you feel like a champ and your foot will genuinely appreciate it. G2 Gel and Evolution Foam within the sole and footbed takes care of those hard impacts easily, while your foot feels like its resting on a Posturepedic. Despite the comfort you will experience its still powerful boot that is loaded with responsiveness and zero lag between your brain and the boot. The ThirtyTwo TM-Two Boot is pure awesome, its quite simple why the ThirtyTwo crew can’t get enough of this piece of magic year after year.

Lacing System

Traditional Lacing - Superior lacing setup that allows for tons of increased leverage while tying up to guarantee a perfectly snug fit that stays tight.

Internal Lacing - Durable lacing system built to the liner adding increased stability by starting off the lacing system internally allows the boot itself to fit tremendously better once everything is working together.

Tongue Tension System - Two additional straps that are found at the instep and when the lacing begins these straps aid in pulling the tongue snugger than ever before resulting in a cleaner fit, heightened heel lock, and natural flex.

Boot Liner

Performance Fit - Intuition heat moldable liners with dual density foam that never stops molding to your foot. The more your riding the better the fit will become. Neoprene toe caps with dual power wrap closure boosts this performance fit to the top tier that your foot will respect the love your giving it.

Intuition J-Bars - Located around the achilles these J-Bars lock your heel down that reduces heel lift ten fold for increased responsiveness that you can never get enough of.

Customizable Heel Hold Pockets - Additional pockets designed for inserts to establish a custom feel that you control by simply adding the kit that will have you locked down for life.

Boot Sole and Footbed

G2 Gel - Temperature independent that goes unaffected in the coldest of conditions to the epic spring days we all love. Gel cushioning is top of the line that will feel like your shredding on a pillow where the comfort levels are so high its almost as if your foot is in space.

Evolution Foam Outsole - Extremely lightweight and durable, this outsole is designed to take the beating of the backcountry without bogging your legs down on the hike.

Level 3 Footbed - Intuition heat moldable footbed with a molded heel cradle for added support. Comfort ridges with microfibers and of course the dual density evolution foam heel pod so the bottom of your foot is prepped for an awesome long day.

Flex Rating - 7Flex/Feel Rating - The ThirtyTwo Prime is built for the backcountry with lots of reinforcements for a powerful ride that loves perform it the toughest conditions.

Additional Awesomeness

Articulated Cuff - Keeps the boot strong and firm, but allows natural flex forward and on the rebound. Also eliminates shell distortion when you need the boot’s performance the most.

Performance Backstay - Reinforces the spine of the boot for awesome lateral support with increased rigidity and epic durability. 3D Molded Tongue - Even flex from top to bottom whether your crushing or ripping and makes lacing up a way more enjoyable experience.

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