Tecnica Mach1 120 LV Ski Boots 2019

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Tecnica Mach1 120 LV Ski Boots 2019


Flex: 120 // weight: 2210 grams @ 26.5 // 98 mm last 26.5

ISO 5355

Test Locations: Deer Valley UT

The LV measures in a couple mm narrower at a 98 vs the Mach1 120 MV which is 100mm. If you have a narrower foot or want a more performance oriented fit in a solid all-mountain ski boot the Mach1 120 LV fits the bill.  For a low volume boot there is a generous amont of room for the instep -- skiers with high arches rejoice!  With a more upright stance you'll be on top of the sweet spot of a wider variety of skis - tip rocker, full rocker or camber.  The skis that the Mach1 120 LV makes sense for is full spectrum and fit wise it's surprisingly similar.  Because of the C.A.S liner, it adapts to a wide variety of foot shapes.  You need to try a pair on pronto.


How does the LV fit compare to the MV?

The MV is going to have more room on top of the foot, better for higher insteps and it’ll feel a bit wider in the forefoot, length is the same but the wider toe box of the MV might make it feel longer.  The heel pocket on the LV will feel a bit narrower than the MV.

Polyester Shell + Polyester Cuff

2 Piece Overlap

Designed by: Tecnica // Built by: Tecnica, Romania Factory

How's the fit: Precise in the heel and ankle pocket, feels a little wider in the forefoot than most 98mm last boots. True to length. 

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