Tecnica Mach Sport HV 90 Ski Boots 2019

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Tecnica Mach Sport HV 90 Ski Boots 2019


Flex: 99 // weight: 1880 grams @ 26.5 centimeters // 103 mm last @ 26.5 cm

ISO 5355

The Tecnica Mach Sport HV 90 Ski Boot caters to the majority of comfort loving, intermediate skiers. Ski boots are not built to be incredibly comfortable...they do have to work properly after all, but that doesn't mean someone who isn't on the hill 100 days a year or is still finding their soon to be obsession with skiing should have to deal with painful days in their new boots to have a good fit. Whether a wider last fits the profile of your foot better, or you are sick and tired of breaking in your boots all season, for those who only go once a month this is often the case, the Mach Sport HV 90 offers a supportive flex that won't feel overbearing and plenty of width to create that certain level of comfort you've been looking for. 

Polyurethane Shell + Polypropylene Cuff

2 Piece Overlap

Designed by: Tecnica // Built by: Tecnica, Hungary

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