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Strafe Basecamp Hoodie

Strafe Basecamp Hoodie



The Strafe Basecamp Hoodie is going to be your next article of clothing that you get called out for wearing 3 or maybe even 4 days in a row on and off the mountain and we don’t blame you. Baselayers are a man’s best friend though the winter season and when they’re as stylish as this one, it becomes a no brainer. Style aside, the important thing about your baselayer is its functionality. Thanks to Polatec Power Grid, the Basecamp Hoodie is super lightweight without sacrificing warmth, moisture wicking, brathability, and dry time. This hoodie is an active fitting baselayer meaning it is not a compression top, but is a slimmer fit to retain some warmth and wick sweat away from your body. Whether you’re at basecamp or rolling out of bed this winter, make the Basecamp Hoodie from Strafe the first thing you throw on.


Active Fit - A slimmer fit to maximize warmth without being too restricting.


A sick looking half-zip baselayer with a hood that can function as a mid-layer depending on the weather. 


Polartec Power Grid – Polartec Power Grid is a grid fleece that maximizes warmth, wicking, breathability, and dry time while remaining as light as possible. 


Large Zippered Chest Pocket  



Additional Awesomeness


This baselayer is handmade in Colorado how sick is that!

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