Spy Bravo Goggles

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Spy Bravo Goggles


Two Lenses // Size: Medium // Not OTG Compatible 

When Spy gives you two lenses, how can you go wrong? The Spy Bravo Goggle features a medium sized frame with Spy’s Lock Steady Technology. Lock Steady is a quick and easy way to swap lenses. So now you can swap out your dark lens for a light one when 2:30 rolls around and keep your reactions sharp. The Bravo is helmet compatible and has a silicone-ribbed strap so it won’t slip off your helmet either. The spherical dual-lens follows the natural curve of your eye so a minimal amount of light is distorted leaving you a clear picture. If you are looking to upgrade to a goggle with a quick change lens for a medium face the Bravo is for you.

If you want a bigger frame and lens, the Spy Legacy is what you’re looking for.

Happy Lens

100% UV Protection // Anti-Fog // Scratch-Proof

TLDR: Top-of-the-line lenses in a slightly smaller fit, perfect if you have a slimmer face. 

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