Spy Ace EC Goggles

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Spy Ace EC Goggles


One Lens // Size: Medium/Large // Shape: Cylindrical

If you thought swapping lenses was cool, then consider these goggles Miles Davis! The Spy Ace EC Goggle is the newest offering from Spy that allows three different tints without changing a lens. ONE Lens Technology sends an electronic pulse through the lens to increase or decrease Visible Light Transmission (VLT). In an instant go from sunny to mixed to flat light with the click of a button. No need to pull aside and dig though pockets, a simple click while shredding, and BOOM it's done. Adjustments on the fly to maximize visibility is awesome! No worries on battery life either, Lithium Ion power needs a couple hours on a USB and you got 150 clicks before you need another charge. So next time your getting off the Tram in Jackson Hole on bluebird day or ripping shadwoy tree lines at Revelstoke, there is no need to pack the extra lens, ONE Lens Tech makes it way too easy for all conditons!

 ONE Lens Electrochromic Technology

100% UV // Anti-Fog // Scoop Ventilation

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