Smartwool Cozy Grip Flip Mitt

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Smartwool Cozy Grip Flip Mitt


Cuff Style: Under // Waterproof: No // Finger Stalls: No

The Smartwool Cozy Grip Flip Mitten gives you the best of two worlds. The ability to switch from mitten to fingerless glove is quick and easy. When the mitten is open your fingers are exposed to the outside, but this will let you access touch devices without having to remove the mitten from your hands. Merino Wool construction is still considered one of the greatest natural materials for its incredible warmth and ability to manage moisture. The palms are reinforeced with suede for added durabiltiy that is helpful when riding a bike or carrying home groceires. They are comfy, warm, and they're like 2 gloves in one. Stop fussing with your quick go to gloves and see what the Smartwool Cozy Grip Flip Mitt is all about.

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Elastane Cuff

Suede Palm

TLDR: Best of both worlds and super comfortable.

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