Sidas Winter 3Feet Insoles - Medium Arch


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Sidas Winter 3Feet Insoles - Medium Arch


Sidas 3Feet insoles are the best option for skiers or snowboarders that don't want to go with a custom footbed.  The reason Sidas is so great is that they make 3 different beds for different arch heights; low, mid and high.  An important thing to note about footbeds and the use of the term 'arch support', your arch isn't designed to support weight if the arches of the footbeds are too high it will have a feeling of doing push ups on golf balls.  Sidas recognizes this and created a more custom like trim to fit footbed than it's competitors.

We carry Sidas because we believe it's the best, we fit a lot of ski boots in our store in Boston and our customers are happiest with Sidas as a trim to fit option.

How do I know which arch height is right for me?

The 3Feet insoles are available in three arch heights; low, mid and high.  Most people are aware if they have a high arch or a flatter foot that would require the low arch insole.  If you're unsure go with the mid arch height.  You just want to make sure you don't get an arch support that's too high.

TLDR: A much more supportive and precise footbed option than the one that came stock in your boots.

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