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Scott LCG Compact Goggles

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Scott LCG Compact Goggles



The Scott LCG Compact Goggles feature all the same great technical specs that the LCG does, but in a smaller, more streamlined design to cater towards smaller faces or people who prefer a smaller goggle in general. The most noticeable difference is the almost frameless construction on this Compact version that allows the goggle to be smaller without greatly reducing the field of view. The similarities include the spherical OptiView lens, ACS Air Contol System, Quick and Easy Lens Change System, and NoFog Anti-Fog lens treatment which all combine to create a top performing goggle that is perfect for any condition. The two included lenses cover essentially any light condition you may encounter, and the lens treatment and lens changing capabilities make this goggle a worry-free, and problem-free option for any enthusiast with a slightly smaller face or preference for smaller fitting goggles.


Small to Medium Fit - The Scott LCG Goggles fit best on medium to large faces.

3 Layer Molded Face Foam - Super comfortable and durable foam for a luxury style fit.

Skeleton Construction – Guarantees distortion-free lens positioning, comfort, and a maximum field of vision.

Fit System –  A mechanical adjustment located at the bottom of each side of the goggle allowing you to choose between four positions, providing a customized face and nose fit.


Spherical OptiView Lens - A spherical lens that provides distortion free vision.  These high-end lenses are treated to avoid scratches and to eliminate goggle fogging.

NoFog – Anti-Fog lens treatment to keep your lens clear all day.

Primary Lens – Solar Blocker Lens Technology

Secondary Lens – Illuminator Lens Technology


No Slip Silicone Ribbed Strap - A sturdy strap that'll stay in place on your helmet all day.

Additional Awesomeness

Lens Change Slider System - The easiest interchangeable lens system out there.  Just slide the two slide tabs up top and your lens is out.

ACS Air Control - The Scott LCG Goggles feature a ventilation system that circulates air to keep your goggles from fogging up while still keeping your face toasty.

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