Salomon Trigger Snowboard Bindings 2020


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Salomon Trigger Snowboard Bindings 2020


Flex: Mid-Flex // Chassis: 30% Composite Plastic // Compatibility: 2x4, 4x4, The Channel

All-mountain versatility is the name of the game with the 2018 Salomon Trigger bindings. Most flexible and fun than the stiffer Salomon Defender, the Trigger flexes right in that sweep spot that’ll let you jib and tweak to your heart’s desire, but still lay down some epic carves. The Blaster Baseplate has tons of pop and allows just enough lateral movement to give you maneuverability, but still keeps you locked in place. Comfort-oriented highback and ankle strap, and a much higher quality toe strap than most other similar-priced bindings. Speaking of price, its rare you get this sick of a binding under $200, so your mom probably won’t even be (that) mad when you charge it to her credit card. Pull the trigger. 

Blaster Baseplate

EVA Foam Footboard

Designed by: Salomon Snowboards // Built by: Amer Sports, China Factory

TLDR: Cutting out the fancy bells and whistles keeps the price down, this is a binding that just gives you the stuff you need; nothing fancy. 

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