Salomon S/Pro HV 90 W Ski Boots 2021 // Women's


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Salomon S/Pro HV 90 W Ski Boots 2021 // Women's


Flex: 90 // weight: 1700 grams @ 24.5 centimeters // 102 mm last @ 26.5

ISO 5355

If we're looking for comfort, it really doesn't get any better than the Salomon S/Pro 90 HV. The wider last means that this is a boot that can accommodate a wider foot, a higher instep, bunions, etc; really there's a good amount of room in here. Obviously this isn't the only 102mm wide boot in the world, essentially every brand makes an HV boot that's made for a wider foot but the materials used by Salomon are really a step ahead of the game when it comes to a comfortable and plush feeling liner and really customizable shell. There's still plenty of stiffness if you need the boot to perform, so don't think you're selling yourself short, but from a comfort perspective this really can't be topped. 

Polyurethane/Kaproline Shell + Polyurethane/Kaproline Cuff

2 Piece Overlap

Designed by: Salomon // Built by: Salomon, Romania Factor

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