Salomon SnowboardsSalomon Oh Yeah Snowboard 2018 // Women's

Salomon Oh Yeah Snowboard 2018 // Women's



Get your freestyle on with the Salomon Oh Yeah Snowboard. Rock Out Camber profile lets you shred up a storm without having to worry about getting punished with that lovely rocker on both ends.. Slightly on the softer side makes your time in the park or dabbling with the side of the trail a blast. Soft flex and feel is great for not pushing it too hard, but the Oh Yea will still be able to push it every once and a while and can definitely still hold up at speeds thanks to the bit of camber. Smooth and easygoing rides on the frontside, tons of float in the powder, and a buttery profile for the park gives the board a ton of versatility that will keep you having fun on it for years to come. Great for progressing riders, park rats, or experienced shredders who want the ability to enjoy the simple pleasure of cruising. And Oh Yeah, it looks sick too. 


Is the Salomon Oh Yeah a good board for beginners?

While it’s got a little more pop than your traditional board for novice riders, this can definitely be a good pick for your first board. While most beginner boards are flat, which makes them really stable but also pretty slow, there is some camber in the Oh Yeah that will make it carve and grip the snow when you need it. For someone who’s never stepped on a snowboard before, that might be a little overambitious, but if you’ve rented a few times, feel semi-comfortable on a board, and don’t want a beginner board that you’ll grow out of in one or two seasons, the Oh Yeah is a great pick. For something softer that would be more of a traditional beginner board, check out the Ride Rapture

What’s the difference between the Oh Yeah and the Salomon Wonder?

While the soft flex of the Oh Yeah makes it great for beginning-intermediate riders, the Wonder will have a stiffer flex for more response. The Wonder will carve a lot harder on groomed trails and grab the snow better, due to its increased camber zone. If you’re a more advanced rider who likes to go fast on-trail, the Wonder is a much better choice. The Oh Yeah makes more sense if you’re still progressing, or if you like to spend a lot of time in the park, where the Wonder will not perform very well. 


Popster - A wood shaped core helps maximum the natural snap and pop of wood. It feels like your skateboard's kick-tail, except you're connected and on snow!

Rock Out Camber - Flat between the bindings with camber near the feet and rocker on both ends is perfect for a playful experience in the park and on trail.


Aspen Select - This full wood core provides a consistent, predictable flex pattern, as well as increased impact resistance.


True Twin - Freestyle design with the exact length between the tip and tail that has an identical flex on both ends.


BA MD Fiberglass – Medium density fiberglass layers are light and lively to provide a consistent level of quality and flex.

Base / Edges

Extruded - Low maintenance that sucks up and wicks wax better than some of the best bases available.

EQ Rad Sidecut – Strong edge hold balanced with flex and agility for smooth turn initiation.

Additional Awesomeness

Royal Rubber Pads - 4 mm soft rubber blocks are inserted into the snowboards ABS sidewalls. This helps dampen snow vibrations and absorb big impacts from hard landings.

All Mountain Edge Bevel - Detuned tip and tail to 1 degree, Bevel in-between feet 2 degrees. This delivers incredible edge hold with no hang-ups.

Standard Stone Finish – Premium base tune to keep that board moving as fast as you want.

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