Salomon SnowboardsSalomon Nova Snowboard Bindings 2016 // Women's

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Salomon Nova Snowboard Bindings 2016 // Women's



Prepare to blast yourself onto the mountain with Salomon's Nova snowboard binding. The Nova is women's specific all the way through! The bindings are engineered to be incredibly comfortable and easy to use. Salomon designed the Nova bindings to boost the daily longevity and fun factor for any female rider. The 4D women's high back perfectly contours to a female's lower leg, making the bindings more responsive and easier to control. The toe and ankle straps are built to ensure foot hold and all-day comfort, and the Viper buckles will tighten the boots down with one crank! Pick-up a pair of Salomon Nova bindings and explode onto the scene of your local mountain.


Blaster Baseplate - Salomon strategically places "Blaster" pods in the base plate for increased energy transmission and response.

Composite 30% - Super comfy with all the fix-ins. This base material is stronger and more stable than other plastic price-point bindings in this category, yet more durable than aluminum. 


4D Highback - This 4D shaped high back gives the rider superior control, response and comfort. 

Women's Specific Cut Highback - Salomon custom designed this high back to match perfectly with a female rider's lower leg geometry. The high back is slightly lower for a comfortable fit around the calf muscle. Less fatigue = more comfort!


3D Asym Supreme Ankle Strap - A 3D asymmetrical ankle strap that perfectly contours to your boots, providing support on the outside and flexibility on the inside.

Lock-in Deluxe Toe Strap - Incredible hold with extra comfort!


Viper Aluminum Buckles - Super smooth and easy. These ratchets will lock you down with one long crank! 

Micro Max Strap Adjustments - For all you perfectionists out there, this helps you dial-in/center your straps to get your boots just right!


Impact Shield + Full EVA - A full EVA footboard is combined with a Poron urethane material on the heel. This helps dampen snow vibrations and absorb impacts from hard landings.

Canted Footbed - 2.5 Degrees - A canted footbed helps increase edge control and power. It also decreases lower leg fatigue, allowing you for longer days on the hill.

Additional Awesomeness

Integrated Mounting System - IMS - This systems keeps all of your screws in place when you need to make an adjustment. Never worry about losing your screws on the hill again!

Universal Disc - Salomon's Universal Disc is compatible with all current mounting systems on the market.

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