Salomon MTN + Brake Alpine Touring Bindings 2019

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Salomon MTN + Brake Alpine Touring Bindings 2019


DIN Range: U Bolts  // Weight: 392 g per binding // Climbing Aid: Flat, 42mm, 58mm

The Salomon MTN Alpine Touring Binding delivers performance while increasing uphill effeciency. Weighing in ar 392g with a brake makes this one of the lightest options on the market. U bolt design is how you adjust the power of release, instead of DIN setting you have the option between women, men, and expert to dictate the power. Less moving parts reduces the chance of potential problems in the field. Three levels of climbing aids allows you to dial in the perfect height for whatever terrain you come across and 47mm of elasticty travel works great when skiing in the open or in tight trees. The Salomon MTN + Brake Alpine Touring Binding is the perfect option for the minimilist backcountry enthusiast who is always looking to shave some weight. Can also be skiied without a brake if you really want to shave some grams.

Tech Toe/Tech Heel

Material: Plastic, Aluminum, Steel

Designed by: Amer // Built by: Amer

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