Rossignol Black Ops Stargazer Skis 2021 // Women's


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Rossignol Black Ops Stargazer Skis 2021 // Women's


r: 14 meters @ 162 centimeters // weight: 1600g @ 164 cm // Rocker-Camber-Rocker


Test Locations: Waterville Valley NH, Aspen CO

The lightest and narrowest of Rossi’s new BlackOps series, the Stargazer is the most accessible ski in the lineup for intermediate skiers and is a fantastic jumping off point into the world of “freeride” skis. There’s no metal in the ski, which makes it a lot less demanding for those who just want to cruise, and for it’s width it does handle really well in ungroomed snow, making these a great option as well for east coast skiers who want to start exploring the backside of the mountain but don’t want to go too wide. All around it’s not the stiffest ski out there, and if you’re looking for the highest speed limit possible, there are better skis, but if you want a versatile, more-than-capable ski that you can push a little bit when you want but also responds well when you’re foot isn’t on the gas, look no further. The Stargazers might not be the top end of the BlackOps line, but they’ll probably the skis that have the widest appeal. 

Paulownia Core


Designed by: Rossignol // Built by: Rossignol, Spain Factory

TLDR: Lightweight, forgiving ski that can still keep up when you need it to. 

Recommended Binding: The Stargazers do NOT include a binding, the cool skis never do.

Marker Squire with 90 mm brake.

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