Rossignol Black Ops Sender Skis 2021


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Rossignol Black Ops Sender Skis 2021


r: 18 meters @ 178 centimeters // weight: 1900g @ 178 cm // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

Test Locations: Red Mountain BC, Deer Valley UT, Aspen CO

The new Sender and Sender Ti from Rossignol could not be further from the old 7 series skis that they're replacing, which is great, because those skis were honestly pretty wack. The Sender and Sender Ti share a name and are just about the exact same shape, the only real difference is that the Sender Ti has metal and the Sender doesn’t. Don’t think that means that this is in any way a watered down version, though; this is still a ski for experts that can charge, it’s just that removing metal from the ski makes it lighter, more fun off-piste, and more capable for Alpine Touring. (Think Nordica Enforcer 100 vs. Enforcer Free 104 but the same waist width). If you want full versatility options - basically you’re happy to ski groomers but you’d rather ski everything else and you might even do a little touring as well, this is an absolute killer of a ski. 

Poplar Core


Designed by: Rossignol // Built by: Rossignol, Spain Factory

TLDR: Don't be fooled by the Rossignol logo, these are actually really really dope. 

Recommended Binding: The Senders do NOT include a binding, the cool skis never do.

Marker Griffon ID with 110 mm brake for downhill, but a Salomon Shift would make this a great hybrid AT ski as well. 

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