RossignolRossignol Axial 3 Dual WTR 120 Ski Bindings 2016

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Rossignol Axial 3 Dual WTR 120 Ski Bindings 2016



The Rossignol Axial 3 Dual WTR 120 Ski Bindings are all new and are ready to help you dominate the mountain. Rossignol's Dual Toe and Axial Heel provide the bindings with super safe and functional release features, as well as provide the skier with fantastic energy transmission and response. The heel has enough elastic travel to help prevent pre-release and keep you safely locked-in, especially when you need your skis to stay on!

These bindings are designed to work with traditional alpine ski boots, as well as ski boot's that have rockered soles. The WTR feature is easy to use and quickly changes from setting to another. 

Toe Piece

Rossignol Dual Action III - This tow piece has 180 degrees of multi-directional movement. The toe piece has 45 mm of elastic travel and has seven contact points with the ski boot for excellent power transmission.

Dual WTR - Walk to RideThis toe piece gives you the freedom of boot type selection. This technology is quick and easy to use, and works with traditional Alpine or WTR Rocker Soles. With the turn of a screw, you can select your boot type and maintain a consistent connection between boot and binding.

Heel Piece

Axial3 Heel - Rossignol's Axial3 Heel gives the bindings a locked-in secure feel, while still providing excellent energy transmission and power. This heel piece's elastic travel allows these bindings to keep the skier locked-in, and helps prevent unwanted pre-release.

Additional Awesomeness

4 Color Options - The Rossignol Axial3 Dual WTR 120 comes in four different color options: Black/Yellow, Black/White, Black/Pink and Black/Green. With all these colors choices, matching these bindings to your new skis will be super easy!

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