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Ride Trident Snowboard Boots 2020

Ride Trident Snowboard Boots 2020


Flex: Stiff // Lacing: Tri Zone Focus Boa® // Liner: Intuition Dream Liner

If you've ever had trouble finding that perfect fit when looking for snowboard boots, Ride has exactly what you've been looking for. The Trident is unlike any other boot on the market in that it uses three, yeah that's right, three Boa Coilers to properly dial in the fit throughout the boot. To ensure that the Boa tension is dispersed, The Closer lace guide targets multiple points along the tongue of the boot. The boot fits really really well, got it. As far as performance is concerned, the Trident has a killer combo of features that allow it to excel for nearly every rider. The stiff and responsive tongue is complemented by an articulated cuff, balancing power with mobility. An Intuition Wrap Dream liner with both internal and external J bars locks down your heel, and provides additional support through your shin. An impressive concoction of the top tech Ride has to offer, the Trident snowboard boots really do have it all.

Articulated Cuff

Michelin Peak Outsole

Designed By: Ride // Built By: K2 Sports, China Factory

How's the Fit: Precise fit, and with three independent BOAs if you like a really snug fitting boot you can really crank these babies down. 

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