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Ride Sage Snowboard Boots 2021 // Women's

Ride Sage Snowboard Boots 2021 // Women's


Flex: Soft Flex // Lacing: Single BOA // Liner: Intuition Plush Foam Liner

If you want the soft plush feel while still getting a boot that’s ready to rip, the Ride Sage is the boot for you. The Ride Sage boots are equipped with Intuition Plush foam liners that are 100% heat moldable and 110% comfortable. These liners provide excellent support on the mountain, as well as retain lots of warmth. The liners also give a ton of foot support, and making sure your foot is locked in place is super important because if your foot can move around too much, that’s when you start gripping for stability which always leads to pain by the end of the day. How does she lace up? Good question!… The boot’s lacing systems consist of an external boa coiler and Ride’s internal LockDown Turbo. Get rid of uncomfortable days on the hill and slip your feet into a pair of Ride Sage snowboard boots. 


Are the Sage boots good for progressing-intermediate riders?

Absolutely! These boots are really soft and flexible, which doesn’t just make them super comfortable, it makes them really forgiving as well. With a lot of flex you won’t ever feel like the boot is pushing you too hard, which is great for riders who aren’t looking for something super intense. If these are the first non-rental boots your getting, you’ll love how much support they give and you’ll definitely notice an improved ride. If you are a more hard-charging rider who wants something a little more oriented towards performance, check out the ThirtyTwo Lashed boots for a more powerful ride. 

How does the BOA system compare to traditional laces?

If you’ve only shredded so far on boots with traditional lace-up laces, then it’s time to check out what Boa can do for you. One huge benefit is how easily the Boas tighten up as opposed to traditional laces that you have to tie; plus you can easily tighten your Boas with your gloves on! From a more performance standpoint, I like Boas because laces can loosen or untie slightly over the course of the day, while Boas will keep your foot locked into place for the whole day. 

Intuition Plush Foam Liner

Internal J-Bars

Designed By: Ride // Built By: K2 Sports, China Factory

How's the Fit: The Ride Sage Boots have plenty of room, especially in the heel area; if you've always felt like your boots have been too tight than a Sage in the same size will feel more roomy. 


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