Ride Rapture Snowboard 2019 // Women's

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Ride Rapture Snowboard 2019 // Women's


Flex: Soft Flex // Shape: Twin // Profile: Rocker-Flat Rocker

Why keep spending time on one-size-fits-all rental boards that see over 100 days a season when there are boards like the Ride Rapture out there. Perfect for getting the most out of progressing riders, everything in the board is designed to help you get better. Its perfectly twin rocker shape means that the nose and tail are the exact same length, and instead of charging down the mountain, the board will float easily above the snow - rocking like a boat for that smooth ride perfect for riders still getting their feet under them. A flexible and easy to control board means that making those turns will be a breeze, and instead of sitting in the cold snow halfway up the mountain, you’ll be down the mountain and in the lodge getting ready for apres before you know it. 

Aspen Core

Biax Fiberglass Laminates

Designed by: Ride Snowboards // Built by: K2 Sports, China Factory

TLDR: Ride Rapture >>> Rental snowboards/your friend's 15 year old board you've been borrowing and isn't the right size. 

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