Ride MTN Pig Snowboard 2019

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Ride MTN Pig Snowboard 2019


Flex: Stiff // Shape: Directional // Profile: Rocker-Camber

First, there was the Warpig. Then, the Twin Pig. Now, the pig is out of the pen with the all new 2019 Ride MTN PIG. While the Warpig was world-renowned for its park and powder capabilities, the MTN PIG is going to quickly take names as one of the most exciting free ride boards of 2019. Taking the trademark PIG series blunt nose and combining it with a narrow, crescent-moon shaped tail allows the tail to sink into the snow just a bit, which will cause the nose to rise and absolutely blast through deep snow and afternoon mashed potatoes. The rocker-camber profile follows this same idea, with lots of rocker in the nose that is awesome for floating in deep powder and initiating turns, but lots of camber throughout the board which it allows it to carve and charge groomers better than just about anything else. There is no rocker in the board’s tail, and a lot of the stiffness comes in the tail, as oppose to the more playful and splashy nose. Think party in the front, business in the back. How that translates to riding means that this thing is a dream in deep powder, and for ripping hard snow at high speeds, not as good in the park or riding switch. All in all, if you’re a hard charging rider looking for the steep and deep, this is one of our 2019 favorites. 


How does the Ride MTN PIG compare to the Burton Skeleton Key?

On paper, these two boards are incredibly similar and both do the same things really well. I’m sure the guys over at Ride had the now three-year-old Skeleton Key in their sights when they were building this board. While the differences are small, the MTNPIG will feel a bit stiffer and grippier on hard snow, while the Skeleton Key is a bit more nimble. But they'll be pretty similar boards.  

Aspen/Bamboo/Paulownia Core

Carbon Fiberglass Laminate

Designed by: Ride // Built by: K2 Sports, China Factory

TLDR: This deck rips. Steeps, bowls, powder; this is one of the sickest freeride decks we've seen in a while. 

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