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Ride Ride Machete GT Snowboard 2017

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Ride Machete GT Snowboard 2017



Depending on what side of the bed you get out of is what decides if you're going to shred the park or ride the mountain, this deck fortunately dominate both sides. The Ride Machete GT is your board of choice for the all-mountain freestyle rider that you are. Popwall Slimewalls with a little boost from Roll In Slimewalls gives you the great grip edge protection, and prevents your topsheet from chipping. Twin Hybrid Rocker has you covered for playfulness and float. The Ride Machnete GT is a torsionally powerful beast from the 5 way Carbon Array that gobbles up all conditons with power. I don't know why you're still reading this just buy the Machete GT already!


Twin Hybrid Rocker - More rocker than camber for super easy turn initiation and carvability. Still camber underfoot for power everywhere, but easy to maneuver with increased float.

Popwalls Slimewalls - This super durable urethane based sidewall with carbon fiber gives the snowboard an energetic and fluid feel over any snow condition with ridiculous stability.


Performance Tuned Core - Ride combines high strength Aspen, Bamboo, and lightweight Paulownia for a perfect combination of power at a very low weight.


Hybrid Glass - Triaxial glass on the top of the core with biaxial glass on the bottom.

Carbon Array 5 - Carbon stringers are placed near the binding areas for energy output and power transmission. These stringers also help increase the snowboards torsional strength.

Base / Edges

Fusion 4000 Base - Fast, durable and low maintenance.

Cleave Edge Steel - 50% more steel edge maximizes edge durability. The board becomes more resistant to edge cracking and gives it a longer tuning life.

Additional Awesomeness

Scaled Sizing - New concept that has waist widths that are proportional to board length that doesn't require specific wide sizes.

Roll In Slimewalls - Unique 3D fiberglass structure built around the Slimewall to increase board strength and to prevent topsheet chipping.

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