Ride Ride Alki Pant

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Ride Alki Pant



It's a simple pant with hits and accents that seperate from just being a boring single colored pant.  The level of breathability you get in the Alki pants is superior to most pants we carry, and this pair of Ride pants costs less than $300.  As far as bang for the buck goes you are definitely looking at the right page.  Two hand pockets and cargo pockets, no need for back pockets -- does anyone actually use those?  Meshed inner leg vents in case the temperature rises above freezing and you have too many layers on.  We love the breathability levels that the Ride Alki pant provides and that shouldn't overshadow the level of waterproofness you get, but for anyone that has had an issue regulating temperature 37.5 from Cocona is a killer technology!


With an articulated knee they'll have a less baggy look, especially when you're in your boots -- It won't look so 'tube like'.  Adjustable waist band for Men that are in between sizes or fluctuate weight slightly.


Whether you ski or snowboard it doesn't matter, these pants will do the trick if you're looking for a tailored look without a lot of busy lines.

Performance Level

2.5L 37.5 tecnology by Cocona


There is no insulation in this shell pant.


Two front pockets and two cargo pockets.


A mesh lined zippered inner leg vent provides ample ventilation for when the blood gets pumpin.

Additional Awesomeness

BOA window on the pants gaiters make dialing in the fit on your boots super easy without having to completely undo your pant set up.  If you have a triple BOA boot or laces this doesn't really help you out, but if your single or double, you are in for a treat!

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