Orion Packs Archer Ski Pack

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Orion Packs Archer Ski Pack



When you are accessing the goods in the side country you need a pack that can keep up. A lot of bags are made for multiple sports, but Orion makes bags that excel at carrying skis and boards quickly and efficiently. When you are boot packing at high elevation, every step can leave you short of breath and a strong gust of wind can push you off balance. The Archer Ski Pack is unique because it carries your skis directly against your back. By keeping the skis close to your back you greatly stabilize the load and it helps you keep your balance even in strong winds. This small bag has a surprising amount of storage for all of your side country essentials. The removable storage attachment fits your avalanche equipment perfectly. You can easily keep your shovel blade, handle, probe, extra layer and even a hydration bladder.


100% Nylon - This bag is constructed with heavy duty nylon that will stand up to years of abuse and ski edge destruction. 


Orion Packs come in three different sizes to accommodate different torso sizes. If your pack fits well, it will make the load that much more manageable. Everyone is shaped differently but Large fits men 6’1” and greater. Medium fits men 5’8” - 6’0” and Small  fits men under 5’8”.

Ski Carry Style

Cross Ski Carry - There are three beefy velcro straps that lock your skis in place. It is a double layer strap that clips first and velcros second. Once your skis are locked there is no extra play or movement. The skis are strapped at a 45 degree angle to keep the tips away from your head and the tails out of your way.


Hip Belt - There are two pockets on the hip belt to hold any items that you need quick access to. Feel free to leave your camera, chap stick, or a snack.

Removable Gear Pouch - This removable pouch is separated into three compartment. The outer part has some drainage holes and will hold your shovel blade well. The next compartment will fit the handle and probe perfectly. On the back side of the pouch you will find a compartment for your hydration bladder. There is a clip at the top to keep things from sliding around as you slurp down the contents and there is a hole to manage the hose.

Non-removable Gear Pocket - On the bottom right of this pack you will find a zippered pocket perfect for the extra essentials that you want to carry along.

Additional Awesomeness

Six Point Adjustment - The Archer makes it easy to adjust your load with multiple clips and straps around the waist, chest and shoulders.

Polyurethane Load Support - The plastic back panel and high density foam conform to your back and provide structural support for even the longest most awkward to carry skis.

Lifetime Guarantee - Orion wants you to be stoked on your new purchase and they plan to stand behind their products.

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